Our Artisans & Crafts

AMAR KOSA is an award-winning PETA approved sustainable Vegan clothing and accessories fashion brand, with high ecological integrity. The word AMAR KOSA is derived from the ancient language of Sanskrit, which means ‘eternal collection’. As the meaning suggests, we work on timeless designs that do not grow out of style. 

Our USP is that we mostly work on plain white fabric, often industry leftovers or excess produce and then convert them into unique products by incorporating various crafts- Shibori, Marble, Block printing, tie n dye. Our primary fabrics are cotton and vegan silk (plant-based fabric). We focus on environment-friendly products.

We focus on empowering women in rural areas and work with clusters of artisans all across India. This helps generate livelihood for them and they contribute to their family income. Hence giving better lifestyle and quality life to the rural sector, which further helps them to provide better education for their kids.

Our mission is to create awareness on sustainability. We work with Natural and sustainable fabrics. We aim to educate our customers on slow fashion and how slow fashion will benefit them in the long run.  Our brand AMAR KOSA stands for consuming less. 

Our vision is to focus on creating a minimal and conscious wardrobe with quality and ethical clothing. Our journey is about highlighting the importance of the 3 R’s- Reduce, reuse and recycle. We not only help our customers with recycling their old clothes, but also practice recycling in our day to day operations as well. Our brand believes in fair wages to it’s workers and weaver’s. Our staff is well paid and looked after by all means. At AMAR KOSA we work with artisans across India in developing sustainable fabrics, hence generating employment for the artisans as well as help in keeping the Indian art/craft alive which gives us the motivation to keep going forward at all the times. Furthermore, the fabric and dyes that we use are natural and chemical free which helps in less water wastage thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

We are offering a solution of a unique designer wear, meaningful, and all-time wearable classic ensembles to a modern age woman, who is looking for stylish and well fitted dresses for her office, casual lunch or dinner outings, holidays, etc. She is looking for something which has an Indian touch, yet it has a modern appearance which matches her lifestyle and personality.