Crafted for Conscious Souls

At the core of AMAR KOSA, lies certain ideas of fluidity and timelessness. We are driven towards bringing traditional crafts to mainstream with a modern flair, infused with our love for gorgeous patterns & textures.

PS: AMAR KOSA means Amara (timeless, immortal) + Kosa (treasure, collection)

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Shibori by AMAR KOSA

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  • Made For YOU!

    No mass production here at AMAR KOSA. Each dress takes incredible amount of time in making since it involves many, many hands! 🤌🏻

  • Sustainability isn't an afterthought for us ✨

    It's about Fair Share -- we pay our artisans fair wages. There's no waste -- any leftover fabric finds many other uses in the form of accessories and such!

  • Powered by Women

    9 out of 10 artisans we work with are women coming from marginal backgrounds and now happily making something they love while earning their fair share! 💪🏼

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Jackets & Overlays

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