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A lot of us have heard the word shibori, but do we really understand what goes behind making a shibori dress and how is it really done or where does it originate from? Here in this blog “Art of Shibori” we are going to explain what is Shibori, its History, techniques, and presence in India....


Dressing Up for Yourself

Right now with the Covid-19 pandemic at rise, it’s of utmost importance to maintain social distance and stay more at home. The very next thought that arises out of this is how are we positively coping with this new change in life. Since most of us are working from home or taking care of the...

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Dressing for your body type

Dressing up is a very tricky art. It may appear very simple to some, while it may seem like a big challenge to the others. Some might effortlessly slide into anything with mix and matches, while it may not be that simple for others. Dressing up and personal styling has become a very important aspect...

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The Conscious Closet

If design gives body to an outfit, sustainability gives it- it’s soul. What makes your favorite dress more special is probably because it’s unique. And what makes a dress unique and meaningful? Let’s find out the answer to this interesting thought… The simplest answer can be that there aren’t too many or any other dress...

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Indigo- The King of Blues

These days Indigo products are perhaps quite common in every household – it could be his shirt or her dress or a throw on the living room couch or a curtain in the bedroom. Indigo has evolved into many folds and is in fact the most versatile and loved textile possession. So what do we...

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