At AMAR KOSA, fashion comes in all sizes!

Curvy Fashion shopping for Plus size figure women can often be challenging and disappointing as the choices are very limited. At AMAR KOSA we have a wide range of curvy fashion styles that we offer for plus size figure. Being a sustainable fashion brand, we want to change the myth that only polyesters make you look slimmer. Enjoy plus size fashion in natural, eco-friendly, and breathable fabrics like linen and cotton or ikat or shibori.

We also offer design services where we will help guide you with the right fit as per your body shape. All our clothes are customizable. We can tweak the designs, for example, sleeves can be added to a sleeveless dress, also the fit of the dress can be redone as per your body shape. For instance, if you like any dress which is a straight fit but you feel that it will not work for you, we can design a custom-made piece in either an A-line shape or a flared fit for you. And the best part is, all our clothes have a lot of margins inside, at any point in time if you want to get the dress altered, you can always reach back to us.

We recommend the following curvy fashion styles from our existing collections for plus size figure women.

Pick any of the above styles and mention your exact body measurements during checkout or we can also customize a brand new style according to your preferences. Click the below link to place an order for a custom plus size outfit.