Is one of the leading sustainable fashion brands, based in Bangalore, and delivering all over India. We focus on environment-friendly clothing and accessories, with high ecological integrity. The word AMAR KOSA is derived from the ancient language of Sanskrit, which means ‘eternal collection’. As the meaning suggests, we work on timeless designs that do not grow out of style. The idea of AMAR KOSA was conceived in the early 2000s as a small project, which then bloomed into a full-blown label in 2016.

Like the root of our name, our designs have silhouettes of age-old textile traditions that are combined with modern-day fashion senses, crafting collections that are trendy yet comfortable. At AMAR KOSA, each piece is hand-finished by the artisans, giving it an essence of eternity. This alone makes each piece a treasured one; making you the heir to India’s diverse craft culture. Within the designs of each ensemble, you can discover the traditions and stories of our rich heritage. Brand AMAR KOSA believes in sustainable clothing which is truly handmade and handcrafted with detailing. All the AMAR KOSA ensembles are made within our country, with an intention to be a part of and contribute to the “Made In India” movement initiated by the government of India.

Vastly indulging in ethically sourced Natural Handloom fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp, flax, silks, and even organic cotton; infused with Hand block printing, Shibori, or Tie & Dye, we endeavor to bring to you fashionable yet wearable, and affordable attire. All these fabrics come directly from the weavers from various parts of the country. Hence by owning an AMAR KOSA product, you are supporting the weaver or artisan working hard somewhere in rural India, which adds to the unique spirit of its own. We at AMAR KOSA believe that a small change today will make a big difference tomorrow!

Ruchita SinghFounder - AMAR KOSA

My name is Ruchita Singh, and I come from a small town near Lucknow. Having my childhood days totally soaked up and influenced by the rich art and culture of the heritage city, I think the city left a big impression on me. Chasing my dreams I did a course in textile designing from Mumbai and further pursued a course in fashion designing from NIFT, New Delhi.

After working for 15 yrs in the garment industry and having an experience with brands like Gap, American eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc, I started my own label in 2016 with a desire to create trending silhouettes in the best of Indian fabrics, incorporating traditional Indian craft into a modern-day fashion brand.

I am a proud mother of two who loves to balance between my family, my art, and my craft. Taking inspiration from my surroundings, I like to express my passion for my work through my designs. Whether it’s creating my own collection or designing for a client I always find it very exciting and every new dress is a new experience.

I feel creativity is infectious, you can’t keep it confined to just one part of your life or personality, it just flows in one’s lifestyle. And I’m blessed to have a family around me who share the same thought as I do and have always supported me with my vision.

Ruchita Singh


Sustainability in Fashion

Comes from sourcing, manufacturing, and designing clothes which maximizes the benefits to the industry and society at large. At the same time, the goal is to have a system that works without leaving a negative footprint. Sustainable clothing is handmade and handcrafted with fine hand detailing, which is labour intensive. By investing in sustainable fashion, you are also supporting the weaver or artisan working hard somewhere in remote rural India. You are also ensuring in reducing your carbon footprint.

What makes AMAR KOSA a sustainable clothing brand? First of all, our resources are sustainable- right from our ethically sourced raw materials to our handmade fabrics. The leftover fabrics from the dresses are upcycled for making bags and smaller accessories hence creating less waste that goes into landfills. We are extremely conscious and aware of the environment and hence try to recycle all our waste to its maximum utilization.

Our staff is well paid and looked after by all means. Back in 2016, we started our brand with one tailor, Kitabul, and his wife Mehnaaz. As we expanded and grew in size and number, we provided jobs to their other relatives and friends. Today we can proudly say that we generate livelihood to their entire community. With time, Kitabul and Mehnaaz have 2 kids and we look forward to taking responsibility of these 2 children and empower them to become educated citizens of the future.

Ethical fashion is the recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes that we wear.


The AMAR KOSA “Eve” is one who is willing to explore her senses, and display her soul proud and center. Apart from our pret/ready-to-wear collections, we also believe in designing with the customer and customize the ensembles according to their taste. The customer can choose from the range of natural fabrics we provide or bring their own. From individual clients to multiple stores, we cater to all, including clients across the globe.

The label caters to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, with the customization and personal detailing as the key factors. Designer Ruchita Singh brings her 18 years of expertise, promising excellence in craftsmanship and unique ideas. She also houses a line of accessories and home decor that revolves around the same theme and adds a touch of our flavored Indian ethnicity to any ambiance. To experience our complete range, pay a visit to our exclusive outlet in Whitefield, Bangalore. You can also find AMAR KOSA across Bangalore’s most popular exhibitions or pick out some exclusives from the city’s niche boutiques.




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