Know your body Shape – Part 1 of 4 – Pear

Dressing up should always be a fun and mood-lifting experience, which can help you relax and make you feel good about yourself.  However, sometimes it may get stressful and frustrating if you don’t understand what suits you well. A key factor to help you dress better is to identify your body shape and choose styles that will flatter your body.

Body shape can be broadly divided into Pear, Apple, Rectangle, and Hourglass. We will explore and understand Pear body shape in this blog post

What is Pear shape?

One of the easiest to identify, it can also be called a triangular frame. Keep in mind that the body weight has nothing to do while identifying the shape, it is rather determined by the body measurements. If your hips are more than 5% bigger than your shoulders or bust, it’s safe to say your body fits the definition of a pear shape.

Before we proceed further, we should also understand another close version spoon shape. While in a pear shape, the waist gradually slopes out and blends into the hips, in the spoon shape, the hips almost jut out from the waist, creating a “shelf” like effect. Both spoon and pear shapes are curvy, but lack proportions.


You can be categorised as a pear shaped body if –

  • Your hips and thighs are wider than your shoulders and bust.
  • You have a defined waist that is narrower compared to your hips.
  • You have a small top half as well as small bust
  • You have full hips and/or thighs
  • Your weight gain tends to be first visible around the hips, thighs and lower tummy area
  • Example body measurements
    • Shoulder all-around – 39”
    • Bust-36”
    • Waist- 30”
    • Hips-42”

So if you fit into the above-described body characteristics of a pear shape, you should consider these below tricks-

Create a balance– Wear outfits that help create a visual balance between your small shoulders, bust, and waist with your wider hips. Your aim is to create the illusion of volume on the upper body while emphasizing the waist and de-emphasizing the lower body to create a balanced silhouette.

Eye movement- Create focus on the areas you want to highlight, which can help you create curves, lengthen, or emphasize your favorite body parts. Your aim is to take attention away from the wider hips and to draw it towards the upper body and defined waist instead.

Prints and patterns– Wear bright colors on your upper body around the bust and shoulders. Use eye-catching prints, textures, and details strategically to create interest in the top body. Horizontal stripes are also a good way to make the upper body appear wider.

So while dressing up you may want to consider these points-

  • Cowl necks, boat necklines, or any open neck-line even V-necks work well for this shape.
  • A-line dresses help highlight the slimmer upper body giving enough room for the hips, instead of clinging to it. It helps in creating a visual balance.
  • Fit-and-flare dresses also work well as they also move the focus to the smaller upper body and have a more defined waist. The flare in the skirt hides away the wider bottom.
  • Off-shoulder dresses that accentuate your slender shoulders, collar-bone, and a smaller bust, while hiding the wide bottom.
  • Layering on your top half creates visual interest and draws the eye upwards.
  • Focus on structured shoulders to visually widen the shoulder line.
  • Wear dresses that are fitted on the upper body to accentuate the waist.
  • Wear darker colors on your lower body.

You could maybe consider not including too much of these in your wardrobe-

  • Stay away from boxy tops that hide the waist.
  • Avoid skinny and tight bottoms that bring focus on the wide hips.
  • Stay away of any embellished bottoms that draw attention the lower body.
  • Keep your lower body uncluttered and clean.
  • Avoid details, patterns, pockets on your thigh and hip area and belts on your hips, it will make it look wider.
  • Avoid too-full skirts and skirts with heavy horizontal details that exaggerate your body shape such as frilly tiers. 

Here are a few style references that will work well for you.

Ruffle sleeved top- This top with dramatic ruffle sleeves helps to draw the attention to the sleeves and upper body, rather than the lower half. The length of the top is ending perfectly at the hip not covering it totally to make it look bulky.

A-Line dress- This shibori maxi dress is a perfect option for a pear body. The dress has an open round neck which highlights the collar bone. The top body of the dress is fitted, in fact there is a small tie at the back to adjust the waist. The bottom of the dress has a flared, just right enough to not make it look bulky.

Fit and Flare Dress– This strappy dress with a snug body and the flared bottom is a perfect dress for Pear body. This dress also helps highlight the slim waist. The neckties are adjustable, so the wearer can adjust the neck and the waistline as per their body, making it most to their benefit.

Your special party look

This shibori beach dress with cowl neck is surely your go to the party look. The delicate straps helps highlight the bare shoulders and collar bones, helping in keeping the focus on slimmer top body, and the cowl neck also keeps the eye to the upper body. The soft flowy cotton silk dress has a A-line simple lower body. The bold print of the dress is another eye catcher.

Team it up with a pair of heels and some long ear- rings and you are ready to go!!

These are few other options

Just to give a better idea, to make it easy to relate to this shape these are the few famous rectangle-shaped celebrities – Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Rihana, Beyonce, Sri Devi.


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